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Oldtime Music , Banjo, and Fiddle Links

  • Music in the Digital Library of Appalachia is an incredible archive of music derived from non-commercial sound recordings that document much of Appalachian music's geographic, ethnic, vocal, and instrumental diversity.
  • American Memory is a fabulous  collection of digital of photos and sound files from the Library of Congress with a great search engine, amongst them the Henry Reed Collection.
  • Folklife Sourcebook is a wealth of Folklife Resources in the United States, including a nice list of state, local, and regionally oriented folklore societies here.
  • Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage is a wealth of resources derived from the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, exhibitions, documentary films and videos, symposia, and other educational materials.
  • Honking Duck Jim Reidy's wonderful resource of many early recordings in Real Audio format.
  • Sugar in the Gourd is John Salmon's nice no nonsense page of a straight oldtime music stream.....26 hours.... some older recordings.
  • Musical Traditions magazine of England with a great deal of information on  traditional  music from around the world.
  • Folk Song Database is a tremendous cross referenced database of sevcral thousand tunes and songs.....thank you Jane Keefer! Search for Title or Performer bypasses the home page and gets you to the database quick.
  • Old-Time Music Home Page is David Lynch's page with some good links including the Old Time Musician's Directory.
  • Fiddler's Companion is a huge encyclopedia of fiddle tunes from the Celtic, British and American traditions, created by Andrew Kuntz.




  • American Memory is a fabulous  collection of digital of photos and sound files from the Library of Congress with a great search engine, amongst them the Henry Reed CollectionSome of the photos on this site are from here, such as the the Bill Hensley images.
  • The John and Ruby Lomax 1939 Southern States Recording Trip is also here and is a wonderful archive.
  • Violin Making by Hans Johannsson is an excellent site with great articles on violin construction and maintenance.
  • Dutch Violin Page is an excellent site with maker links and links to informative articles.
  • The Fiddler Database contains names of fiddlers, teachers, contests, jamborees, camps, schools, organizations, and publishers of magazines, sheet music, web pages, cassettes, CD's and so on.
  • Fiddler Magazine has excerpts from their current issue. I have gotten a lot of good info on fiddlers from their posted pages.
  • VioLink has good links to makers, organizations, etc.
  • EBay Auction always has fiddles up for sale.....this link should get you search results.
  • Elderly Instruments always has a great selection of everything....follow this to see fiddle list.
  • Southwest Strings is a good violin and accessories shop ....cheapest string prices that I have found anywhere.
  • Maestronet has downloadable sheet music and rare string instruments.
  • Shar Fine Instruments is a good violin dealer with quality instruments for sale as well as accessories.
  • Stamell Stringed Instruments is a shop in Amherst, Mass. that has quality fiddles.....no prices are posted however.
  • Johnson Stringed Instruments claims to be the the largest New England dealer for fiddlers and this link gets you past their slow loading home page to the instrument list.
  • Kloss Violins is a dealer/restorer with a stock of high end fiddles.