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Roots of American Fiddle Music - Early Fiddlers

Fiddlin' Powers and Family

From Russell County, Virginia came a powerful fiddler in Cowan Powers. The remainder of the band consisted of his three daughters and son: Charlie played banjo and sang, Ada played ukulele, Opha Lou played mandolin and Carrie Belle played guitar. Carrie Belle had been tutored by Byrd Moore, Earl Johnson's guitar player, and added greatly to the strength of their performances.

The following is from Tony Russell's Old Time Music #42, Winter85/86.

Fiddlin' Powers  Family
   Appearance as principal performer

  1. Brown's Dream - unissued
  2. Billy In The Low Ground - unissued
  3. Birdie - unissued
  4. Buck Creek Girls - unissued
  5. Callahan's Reel
  6. Charlie Karo - unissued
  7. Cluck Old Hen
  8. Cripple Creek
  9. Cumberland Gap - unissued
  10. Did You Ever See The Devil, Uncle Joe?
  11. Ida Red
  12. Little Old Log Cabin In The Lane
  13. Old Molly Hair
  14. Old Swinnie - unissued
  15. Old Virginia Reel - Part 1
  16. Old Virginia Reel - Part 2
  17. Old Joe Clark
  18. Patty On The Turnpike
  19. Pretty Fair Miss - unissued
  20. Rocky Road To Dinah's House
  21. Sally Goodin - unissued
  22. Shady Tree - unissued
  23. Sour Wood Mountains
  24. Sugar in The Gourd
  25. Three Forks Of Kentucky River - unissued
  26. Wild And Reckless Hobo