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Oldtime Fiddle Music of the 1920's
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Oldtime Fiddle Music of the 1920's  

We are the Bogstompers. We play fiddle music that we learned from original 78rpm recordings from the 1920's. This music was the true "country" music of America long before the bluegrass bands of Bill Monroe, Ralph Stanley and others, with which it is often confused.

Shortenin Bread
Japanese/Chinese Breakdowns
Prettiest Gal In The County
Done Gone
Sourwood Mountain
Run Mountain
Grey Eagle

It is also a far cry from what is considered country music today,which is in reality a form of pop music that is heavily packaged and polished entertainment which the recording industry feeds the public. Modern country music does not reflect country life as did this earlier form which was very popular in the 1920's with the advent of the 78 rpm shellac discs.

     This older style, often referred to as oldtime, was the music Photo By John Levinethat was played at square dances, kitchen junketts, barbecues, fairs, street corners, weddings, corn husks, and any event that benefited from the festive and uplifting quality of the infectious and exciting rhythms, melodies and relevant songs.

Bogstomper Montage

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These original recording artists were true country folk in an era before modern conveniences. Songs and tunes were learned by ear and passed down through generations. Some of this music can be traced back to the original colonists of the 1700's and the music they brought with them from the British Isles.    

We hope we have saved some of this musical heritage so that it can be passed down for others to enjoy.

The Bogstompers
Northam, Vermont September 2007

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