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How to put a skin
head on your banjo by S.S. Stewart


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Rare 1914 Photo!
1914 Fiddlers Conveniton - Lindale, Georgia  Courtesy of Rome Area Historical Musuem
Thanks to Russell McClanahan
Courtesy of Rome Area History Museum



Early Fiddlers of the 1920's and their stories...



Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers member Lee F. "Tip" McKinney was interviewed in 1972 and gave this fascinating narrative of the band and the circumstances surrounding their brief and only recording session on Monday February 6, 1928 in Memphis, Tennessee resulting in only six issued discs.

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The Legend of
John Dilleshaw

....who recorded as "Seven Foot Dilly" ... an article by the late Charles Wolfe.


of the old time musicians



America's Instrument:
The Banjo in the Nineteenth Century

Old Time Music Songbook
160 Pages - Amusing and Fun!
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  This is a songbook of lyrics transribed from oldtime recordings that I prepared some time ago for our own use but with the PDF format now being stable, I am happy to offer this for all interested. Please forgive all mistakes as I am sure there are many. Enjoy!
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The Netsillk Eskimo

Songs are thoughts sung out with the breath when people are moved by great forces and speech no longer sufficesnanook

Early recorded country music of the 1920's and 1930's, particulary of the southeastern states, is what is commonly referred to as "old time music". The stringband tradition composed often of banjos, fiddles, and guitars flourished for a brief time as the recording industry cashed in on the many country musicians eager to strut their stuff in the recording studio. The industry went on to make millions as the vast majority of these recording artists received very little return for their efforts.

     These recordings formed the true backbone of country music today, and in fact inspired the emergence of the Bill Monroe's bluegrass of the 1940's, as well as Texas swing, and early country blues. Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead in their earlier years always had a sprinkling of old time music such as the following selections. I have linked to samples of some of the earliest recorded versions:

Ballad Of Casey Jones
Been All Around This World
Bill Grimes the Rover
Deal (Don't Let The Deal Go Down)
Devilish Mary
Going Down the Road Feeling Bad
Hold The Woodpile Down
Hop Along Peter
Hungry Hash House
I Truly Understand You Love Another Man
Jennie Jenkins
Little Birdie
(Little) Sadie
Johnson Boys
Keno The Rent Man
Man Of Constant Sorrow
Pig In A Pen
Rabbit Chase
Run Mountain
Sally Goodin
Shady Grove
Take Me Back To The Sweet Sunny South
Uncle Joe
Working on the Building

How TALL was Willie Narmour?

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